Thursday, June 18, 2009

Learning in the future - how will people learn in future?

How will people learn in future? This is the very fantasy question, haha!

But if imagination, i think it would be all using computer , and no need text book. All the student just bring the laptop to go to school or class. ( but all the people would wearing spectacles, because seeing too much computer, haha...)

Animal Cruelty

That day at the class of Business Communication, Ms. Bina gave us saw a video about killing chicken, cow, sheep and a lot animal. I feel so yucky and i very don't like the people do like that. They are so vicious as like a devil and the animals very suffer before them dead, i feel guilty for eating their meats. So, i now more prefer eating vegetarian food more then meats...

Which is least important to you - money, power, fame -- and why?

Actually money, power and fame also important to me, but the least important to me is power, because i don't need a power and i don't like to use power to order people, like some of the "bad" boss they just use thier power that he got and calling poeple doing this and doing that. And also one more reason why the power is least impoartant to me it is because I like to be dependent on my parent and my best friend.

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